About Proper.homes

Meet Proper Homes
The most advanced digital real estate platform in Israel.

Are you renting or renting an apartment? Proper Homes replaces wandering, parking searches, waste of time, and impossible coordinations, saves you the headache and allows you to rent or rent a house, without leaving the house! So join the revolution in the real estate world!

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The people behind the technology

In order to develop an accurate platform that meets the changing needs in the field of real estate, you need quality and experienced people who come from this world. The Proper team includes real estate professionals with entrepreneurial and financial experience in the real estate worlds, who bring significant added value in the management and professional planning of any project. Our people e xamine every project that comes up for a platform from a planning, engineering, legal and economic angle, and provide a guarantee for the quality and reliability of advertising and the property.

30 Seconds About the Real estate Revolution by Proper.homes