Looking for a property?


Meet Proper.homes
The most advanced digital
real estate platform in Israel.

Are you renting or renting an apartment?

Proper.homes Replaces wandering, parking searches, waste of time, and impossible coordinations, saves you the headache and allows you to rent or rent a house, without leaving the house!

I made an offer and within a day I closed a contract!

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So what's in Proper.homes
That there is nowhere else?


A 360-degree virtual tour of the entire property


Technical data on the design and equipment of the apartment, water heating, the height of the bills and more


Complete information about the property, the area and the neighborhood


and most importantly- Option to submit a quote - with a click

Just closed a deal?

Easy! Proper Homes also saves you the bureaucratic mess of a click.

With a link to a lease, connection to the relevant authorities for the purpose of transferring accounts and more.


In Prosper’s method everybody wins


In Prosper’s method everybody wins

Looking for an apartment?

Proper.homes will save you time, running around between apartments, dealing with the other candidates and fighting for the hearts of apartment owners,
And will allow you to conduct yourself transparently, fairly and considerately.

The offer you submitted was accepted?

Pay a nominal seriousness fee (which will be refunded to you if the deal does not close) and the system will freeze the ad until a final decision is made by you and the landlord.

Are you renting an apartment?

Proper.homes will save you the meetings, the arrangements, the physical arrival at the apartment, the large number of irrelevant inquiries and all the bureaucracy
And will present to you only mature offers from serious tenants.